About Us

What is our aim at ChooseTheWorld?

Well it's in the name.


First of all, we aim to sell products chosen by our loyal customers that meet their exact needs and tastes. Yes, this means that whatever you're passionate about, whether it's something as popular as dogs or cats, or something a little less well known, for instance professional chair flipping, we will provide products around those passions.


There's a whole world of interests and what we sell is your choice! It's as simple as sending an email requesting products around your favorite things be added to our shop.


Our second aim is to choose the world! In essence we want to help make a difference and support noble and just causes all around the world.


Up to 20% of the profit from every sale is donated to various causes and charities, usually depending on the nature of the product.


For example, purchase an elephant themed scarf and 20% of the profits will be donated to savetheelephants.org.